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Are you looking to raise money for your team, club or organization?
Mar-Chele soft pretzels have been a customer favorite at some of southwest Ohio’s major sports arenas and special events for more than 45 years. Locally produced for guaranteed freshness, our pretzels are the wholesome snack preferred by today’s health-conscious consumers.

Mar-Chele soft pretzels are an outstanding moneymaker and yield higher profit margins than most other products. We have helped many school clubs, churches, and other group organizations raise money with a healthy alternative to candy, pizzas or subs. Since they have no saturated fat, no cholesterol, and no preservatives, they are ideal for groups trying to sell to a health-conscious market.

Our extensive fundraising experience enables us to assist schools, clubs, and other organizations in developing a profitable campaign with minimal effort. Mar-Chele provides you with everything you need for a profitable fundraising event.

We have a quite a few options to help your organization raise money. Please continue reading or click the link that best describes the type of fundraising event you are trying to organize.

Live Event Fundraising

Ideal for single-day events, sports concessions, festivals or concerts!

Do you have an up-coming event at which you would like to sell a quality product to raise funds for your organization? Mar-Chele pretzels can help! Fresh from our bakery and packaged 50 to a box, our pretzels are a fast, simple way to raise money for your group.

Mar-Chele’s fresh pretzels are ideal for single day evens such as school sports competitions, heritage festivals, and concerts (just to name a few.) But don’t take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from organizations that use our pretzels for their live events:

Selling our pretzels requires little to no effort on your organization’s part! Just place your order, receive the pretzels and sell! We can even provide your group with warmers and suggested retail pricing. You can pick the pretzels up from our bakery or we can even deliver them straight to your event (please see the service area map for more information)!

Make sure you plan accordingly though; since Mar-Chele pretzels have no preservatives, the fresh-baked pretzels have a shelf life of one day. If this is not for a single-day event, don’t worry! We also offer pre-baked pretzels that your group can sell. Click here for more information!

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Fundraising Sales Drives

Ideal for selling to friends, family, neighbors or anyone looking for a delicious pretzel!

Most organizations have at least one fundraising event per year, so let Mar-Chele Pretzels provide you with a healthy alternative that yields outstanding profits! Our Party Pack fundraisers are ideal for selling to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors!

We can provide you with all of the order forms and information sheets to give to your group members, or you can download our Party Pack Fundraising Guide.

Mar-Chele’s Party Packs can be sold individually (12 to a pack) or by the box (4 – 12 packs). Every Party Pack includes 12 unsalted 3 oz pretzels and a salt pack. The only thing you need to enjoy our healthy snack is an oven or a microwave!

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Once you have decided to use Mar-Chele Pretzels as your next fundraising event, make sure to notify us at least two weeks ahead of your intended delivery date. After the delivery date is reserved, please notify us of your final order one week before you would like to receive the pretzels.

All of our Party Packs must be kept frozen, so we store them at 0º F to ensure freshness. What this means is that your group must distribute all of their orders within 1-2 hours of initial delivery or you must have a large freezer in which to store the remaining pretzels.

If you anticipate longer distribution times, we also offer fresh-baked Party Packs. The fresh-baked option is ideal if you are facing a distribution time of up to 12 hours. Please call us for more details!

Quality, Nutritious Products. Our quality starts with all-natural ingredients and continues through the hand twisting to provide the finest soft pretzels on the market.

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