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The quality of Mar-Chele pretzels begins with the ingredients - like special winter wheat and no additives or preservatives - and it continues through the hand twisting to provide the finest soft pretzels on the market today. With no saturated fat and no cholesterol, they have wide appeal to a health-conscious market. Click Here for more nutrition information.

Mar-Chele pretzels are available in two sizes: the popular, large 5-ounce and the traditional 3-ounce. Place your order in confidence, whether it is 50 or 5000! Our commitment is to provide a fresh, quality product and outstanding service to all customers.

We offer a few ordering options to best accommodate your event:

Fresh-baked pretzels: Ideal for same-day events such as concerts, sports competitions, festivals, or even a school "pretzel day".

Pre-baked pretzels: Ideal for convenience stores, drive-thrus, carryouts, taverns, swimming pools, skating rinks and concession stands.

Raw dough pretzels: Ideal for food concessions, pizza houses, restaurants, malls and amusement parks (requires appropriate kitchen facilities).

Fresh Baked Pretzels

Available from our bakery only, fresh baked pretzels are packaged 50 to a box (3 oz. size) or 30 to a box (5 oz. size) and ready to sell. With their same-day shelf life, they are ideal for single-day events. Fresh baked pretzels are available for pickup at our bakery, or arrangements can be made for delivery.

    • Available in quantities of 50 or more, 3 oz. size
    • Available in quantities of 30 or more, 5 oz. size
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Pre-Baked Pretzels (Frozen)

Requiring little or no kitchen facilities, the pre-baked pretzels are packaged 48 to a case, in four sleeves of 12 each with salt provided. They are delivered frozen, and must be kept frozen during their two-month shelf life. This lightly baked version can be prepared in seconds, using a microwave or toaster oven. Just salt, heat and serve.

    • Available in 48 count cases, 3 oz. or 5 oz. size
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Raw Pretzels (Frozen)

Food retailers with kitchen facilities can enjoy the low cost of our raw dough pretzels. Bulk packaged in cases of 125, they are easily prepared by dipping in a mild caustic soda solution, salting and baking for eight to ten minutes. The salt and dipping solution is sold separately. Shelf life is approximately two months, and they must be kept frozen.

    • Available in 125 count cases, 3 oz. size
    • Available in 60 count cases, 5 oz. size

Quality, Nutritious Products. Our quality starts with all-natural ingredients and continues through the hand twisting to provide the finest soft pretzels on the market.

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